New video - the rock-and-roll, the acid house and the Bulgaria of my childhood

Georgi Minchev was the Bulgarian Elvis. His song “Blissfull years, the rock-and-roll was young” used the melody of an old American rock-and-roll. Georgi sang about his youth, when he was a hippie, spending the summers at the Bulgarian sea beach. He had no money, but he could have all the girls when he sang the rock-and-roll. I was inspired by this song and wrote lyrics about the 90-es - the second great time of freedom, gatherings and psychedelics. The video shows not the 90-es, but the Bulgaria from the times when Georgi Minchev was the king of the Black Sea. Find the translation of the lyrics in English, Russian and Hungarian in the description of the video and also on this site.


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Emil BiljarskiComment