The broom is sweeping the sidewalk outside,

the broom is sweeping inside the head

and something that recently's been growing ripe

makes me jump out of the game and go derailed.


Up, in the numerator, something's calling you,

down in the denominator something's holding you.

And the result of this fraction is

everything which is you.


But the parrot in a cage and the seagull flying over seas

are not of one and the same species.

And there's no God or Devil. Here, it's Infinity, the rails, and you.

They’re awaited by the anility, you’re awaited by your myth


Do only what you do.

Cry any time you feel like crying.

Walk only towards your destination

and don't forget, you're a fine boy of Bulgaria!


Around you, people pretend they are right.

Lousy actors in stupid shows.

Today I'm not an actor, but an observer.

It's high time for me to be a writer


and sit in a little sweet shop under lime trees

and smile to invisible mermaids.

There is no danger if you're a stranger

to this theater, and you give voice

to the baby inside, which is no baby at aaaaaall.


And instead of me, my mouth will speak,

and instead of you, your ears will hear,

and we won't exist,

neither me, nor you.

And the song will turn into a free river,

and the music addict will always be at the seaside,

and we'll offer a hand to each other, because we're one in two.


So let's cry for those who are not with us

and let's sing for those who are in rapture,

and let's call out the Three Musketeers,

and become their avatars, after it all is cleared.


We're not efficient, so what should we do?

But sometimes we're beautiful instead, me and you.

No need to till and sow and reap

our sea.




Round lamps are watching me across the street.

They're ugly like the world of Jean-Paul Sartre.

And for end of this world, there's no feel -

the stream of thought goes on so far.


Spirals are coming down greasily, a bait.

They will hardly stop before they surfeit.

But down there, it's dark

Tied with 200 lanyards to 300 articles,

he is still languishing

but it's getting steeper.


Into the deep waters I get

The wide river carries me away,

protected by the abysmal sky.

The fox will lead me now.

There's no one to forgive you,

there's no one to pity you,

there's no one to play with you.

There's no one to compare yourself to,

there's no one to give you shelter,

and drink and wail with you.


Fear is love, crushed by a closing door...


In the spring, you get drunk quite faster,

in the winter, you get sober faster.

In the autumn, you just get home earlier,

in the summer you forgive much easier.

In the night, you see quite further,

in the day, you lay letters out easier.

In the morning, nothing's an obstruction.

In the evening everything's exciting.






My hair is filled with sand,

I come home with a bang,

but I won't be a rastaman, I guess.

At work, they recommend me shampoo, yes.


I remember, at Kamen Bryag I met this girl
(there in the cave, over the waves).

But she didn't want with me to... whirl
(there in the cave, over the waves).

And just to be sure I'll have a date
brought another from as far as Budapest, mate.
(and there in the cove we got lovey-dovey).


Bang, chatter-clatter my old Jigulee,

bang, chatter-clatter, I just go gogglee,

every loo's occupied, a poet's every third guy,

a party in every den, now that's a shelter, man,

for me!


And Neven got so drunk, he was such a sensation
(there in the junglewood went to bed in his boots)

and he passed himself off as an ancient Thracian

(in the junglewood, in that reservation)
He ran around the rocks naked with a guitar
(just like a wild goat or the eagle of Bulgaria)

talking to girls from near and far.


And Krassy got robbed of his passport
(Oh no Krassy no, oh no Krassy no)
This evoked into him a coupla chords
(Oh no Krassy no, oh no Krassy no)
If that's going to be the situation
(oh no Krassy no, oh no Krassy no)
he's considering emigration
(Oh no Krassy no, don't leave us all alone!)


Bang chatter-clatter my old Jigulee,

bang chatter-clatter, that's a cool countree,

Every carter here's so trippy and in his soul, he's a hippie,

and a drunk fire-dancer's hanging out in every bar,
a God's gift and a star!





Satiating my hunger in Student City with a thunder

Barefoot in Baba Yaga, timidity's for others,

Let someone else do maths or suffer or till

I'm waiting only for my relish

may it be roasted or grilled.


Audio and paedo and Slavophile all around,

Only those don't get it, who've never gulped down

the air of the Student Town

in the Great Hunger times.


Rf:    1. Be nice to the janitor

         2. If you meet a dog, be positive

         If you obey those rules, you stay alive.

         Don't make any plans for the night,

it will go beyond all your fantasies

         Be “pro”, and life won't mind.


Satiating my hunger in the Netherworld,

they wait for me up there,

but the wheels are rolling on,

the train is taking me I don't know where,

oh I just love this dorm.






August crickets cricketing

Rocket firs keep mum in line

The world has stopped, and I am ripe

to walk a path with the one before me


Antennas are on

Mistakes are out

Arrows, fly away!

Horses all astray

A vertical attack in the dark


Crickets gone crackers are the hymn of ambient,

and I dissolve into them.

Crickets gone crackers are the tzars of ambient,

and I dissolve into them.



Breathe in for inspiration

Write for spirituacreation

A satellite or a star,

A traveller or a consciousness on a trip?


An ancient city quite younger than me,

and I'll get older before it.

An ancient city quite younger than me,

I'll get older and it will not.



The fir trees keep the secret

Stern warriors of eternity.

The world has stopped, and I am ripe.

A vertical attack in the sunrise.








(Georgi Gospodinov)


Ah, have you ever dropped down from a horse?

You say, you've dropped down there on the brick road,

the yellow one, the national, and under

That Guy you've got so drunk, and half seas over

you've spent the whole night down below his tail,

and just before that, you've been trying to mount him,

get on the stirrup, sit behind the Tsar

and take the Tsar's Road, take the Tsar's Road proudly,

straight to the Eagle's Bridge, and there, the eagles...

(Just hanging on their talons is enough).

With Liberator Tsar you hover, and vanish

in fog and fumes. Ah, those mirages! Might you

just land quite further than the foot of Vitoshka,

that avenue's shop windows of our own...

It's dawns, the fog at dawn just clears away.

You say: Oh Mother! No reply: My son!






I will come close to you just like a dream,

I'll touch you and you'll hear a chime

From inside.

And together, we'll silently fly

through a cloud of fumes of some kind.

Inwards we ride.


My waves will rock you gently on the run

And me and you, we will be two in one

And later on we will come back to us,

we'll wake up – here it comes, we're back in class,

the boredom class.


But the recess interval, it's the law.

I'll meet you outside, sitting on a bough.

Exchange of glances -

and the rays will break the shell,

we'll see with eyes as well,

instead of watching.


My waves will rock you gently on the run,

and me and you, we will be two in one,

and later on, to us we'll come around,

and we'll wake up, and we will cry aloud...

Words are allowed

only thus far.






Years ago, when acid house was young and just ahead,

and selling extasy was not an occupation yet,

the Internet was just a town

and the computer – a world unknown,

Ah blissful years, when acid house was young!


Three pills in my pocket, a fragrant fag in mouth -

at school, I got hooked so easily the girls around.

People said that I was born with a pair of sunglasses on,

Ah blissful years when acid house was young!


Oh those creative nights with glazy eyes,

the stolen software – we were non-cash guys.

And with no cash you get no stuff,

even if you have it tough,

Ah blissful years when acid house was young!


And now the night is ending with a jerk,

the party's over, and we're due to work.

We need a tiny bit of speed,

but our dear dealer's killed,

though he wanted just money and not to die so young.

The hero of our times, he wanted only dough,

but he died young :(.






In this kitchen the evening is so sweet,

that the actor in me calls the muse asking for a rendes-vous.

“Oh, you want to spend the night with me?

But where were you yesterday, and the day before,

oh you, caged cockatoo?”


But the actor, he knows his part,

keeps asking till he gets his award.

And the muse, she fulfils the will

of the Empyreal-flying court.


And they are dancing.


And me, I'm eating my salad, watching the city lights,

pour myself a third drink, thinking how it just turned out

that this youngster tore himself away and is embracing the veiled dame alone,

and I'm watching them smiling, in fascination, like it's my son on a prom,

them dancing.


When I was young, I had a relationship with this girl.

Her name was Anna Karenina, and I was living in another world.

I found my virginity to her, she taught me to sing,

and ever since, when I hear “there's no sense”, I just laugh and grin


And I'm dancing!







Pure, towards the goal

Alone with the thought


Naked in the rain

Gender with no need

A fumeless flame

Over weaknesses

Under skies of will

In joy, I ask for no wonders


Rf.     Welcome azure

So glad you found me azure


Over the world I bring the salt to people

Not yet created

The pine spines are tinkling

The intention is You.


Rf.     No one guessed the lucky numbers though;

Someone let you go, the balloon has flown.


Here, there's a road, no court, no flesh,    

Them before you

Then there's a nook, from which the friends,

they call you

The trembling poplars indicate -

the Universe no more can wait.


Rf.     Pure towards the goal,

beyond the world.

Welcome azure!





Sitting in a pleasant restaurant

Watching people's faces all around

I am still a prisoner and I

just can't get it all,  and that is that.


Flying Dutchman seeking land

Robinson Crusoe seeking company

Romeo is tired of acting as he was Shakespeare

Carlito wants no knowledge anymore.


Being envious of all their lives

that will never intersect with mine,

I expect a wonder – Her to enter,

the Connecting Link

and take me